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After 14 years of success, it’s time for something different,
that better reflects who we are and what we do.


Founded in 2007, our mission is to lead the Israeli software development market through cultivating people who are as passionate about this business as we are.

As a people-driven provider, we’re fully committed to providing outstanding software solutions tailored to meet your needs and exceed your expectations. We grow, adapt and develop with you.
We do things differently!
 We’ve changed the rules of the game, providing the same services in a radically different way.
Behind every piece of complex code, sophisticated software and innovative technology are people.
Your Needs.
to you.
People who understand that advanced software solutions are at the heart of what you do and can help you successfully reach your destination.
That is why we believe in people!
People who create added value and deliver results so that you can focus on your core business.


Hybrid Software Managed Services

Our unique hybrid methodology changes with the times and our clients’ growing needs.

With the stamina, experience and knowhow to reach the summit, our people will always chart the right course, specifically tailored for you.

Recruiting software specialists is challenging and you may be considering offshoring your software needs.  It’s time to rethink. There’s a better way!

Whether you need end-to-end services or specialists to boost your team, OZ will devise the solution that works best for you —

  1. End-to-end Solutions on the Cutting Edge

    We want you to enjoy the best of both worlds – obtaining great results at reasonable prices – and that’s why we’ve developed this model especially for you.

    Once we’ve gained a deep understanding of your needs, we identify brilliant developers at the start of their careers and put them through extensive training with our top specialists.  All work by our developers is carried out under the ongoing supervision of our exceptional team leaders, which ensures outstanding results. You receive the advanced services you need at a budget you can afford.

  2. Take Your People Further!
    Alternatively, you may need our highly experienced experts to boost the efforts of your inhouse developers. Together, we’ll find the groundbreaking solutions you need, to achieve the results you want in a shorter time.

We provide the outsourced solutions you expect.
We just do it differently.

The unique atmosphere at OZ attracts very special people. Dedicated IT professionals who like to feel at home, even when they’re at work. It’s these unique qualities that we bring to our clients and it’s how we make lasting connections between our people and your organization. Making these “matches” is very satisfying and it’s what drives us forward.


Whether you need a master developer or a team of “top gun” specialists in their field, we’ll work nonstop to find the right people who will fit your needs like a glove. People who will meet your professional needs, while fitting smoothly into your organization.

We provide them with the support they need, so they can elevate your professional capabilities.

Our team is backed by our deep understanding of technology, combined with our knowhow in perfectly matching the precise personality traits that fit your organization.

We know how hard it is to find skilled employees, nurture and retain them on a long-term basis in today’s marketplace.

Our ability to find the right people, both in terms of technological skills and organizational culture, has resulted in very low staff turnover at OZ over the past fourteen years.

We're happy to bring the OZ advantage to our valued clients!
Exact personality matching methodology
Focusing on compatibility with your needs
Meeting flexible manpower needs
Ensuring employment stability
Always committed to the best results

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